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Rental Agreements - Tenancy Agreements service is a legal information providing service on aspects of housing Laws in India. The site focuses primarily on the obligation and rights of Landlords and tenants in assured short hold Agreements such as complying with relevant Gas, Fire and Electricity Safety legislation, the correct steps to be followed when applying rent increase. Landlords and tenants requiring any information on preparing rental agreements can get benefitted from this service.
Tenant vacating Inspection - Inventory checks will be made at the time of entry of the tenant into your property. If there is an existing tenant. A complete check of inventory will be done when the tenant is vacating the property and a detailed list of all assets and their conditions will be made. It will be compared against the inventory list annexed to the rental Agreement and appropriate suggestions will be given to you based on the terms and conditions of the rental Agreement.
Electricity and Water Bill Payment - All the details about the utilities bill payment like Electricity and water bills will be maintained in a data base and a request note for the payments will be sent to you well before the final payment date. After the receipt of the payments, it will be paid to the concerned agencies. Receipt will be maintained in your case file and can be sent to you on request.
Property Tax payment - All the details about your property will be maintained in a data base and we will keep you informed the property tax due and also the latest rules in this regard. On receipt of payment from you we will make the obligatory payments and file the original receipt in your case file. We keep you posted on the payments.
Cost - The cost for the above jobs will be Rs.5000/-(Rupees Five Thousand only) per annum. Any other services like taking care of maintenance works, security arrangements shall be charged extra. This cost is applicable under the areas of Ernakulam District.

Please contact our office for sending an executive to your place and finalize the package suitable for you.